Learner Support

We appoint a Mentor for every group. You can get support by:

  1. Joining our Support Forum where you can:
    1. Interact with our Support Team
    2. Join Discussions with other delegates
    3. Access detailed Portfolio Directions
    4. Access a variety of Templates and other resources
  2. Call Us to schedule an appointment
    1. Face to face
    2. Video via Skype or Microsoft Teams
  3. E Mail to support@pmads.co.za

Learner FAQ’s

Do I pay for Assessment and Support?

POE Support and ALL Assessments during the window for submission are included in the cost of the training. If you are charged additional fees for any POE support or assessments, please call our office and report the matter to the Operations Director.

This applies to all training, including training delivered by our associates. Support fees will only be charged by prior arrangement for POE building workshops

When should I submit my Assignment?

Your submission date was discussed during the briefing on compiling your POE.

Contact us with your ID Number if you need to discuss this.

Can I get an extension on my submission date?

If your training was sponsored by a third party (such as your employer) we need their approval to process an extension.

Send an email to PMADS with your ID Number and the reason for the extension.

We are expected to record the request for extension.

What happens after I submit my Assignment?

Your Assessor will contact you within seven days from receipt of your POE with the Assessment Decision and detailed feedback (per specific outcome). If you are found competent, PMADS will start the process of obtaining your Statement of Results and print your certificate. The SETA process could take about three weeks to complete. If you are required to submit any additional work for competence, your Assessor will guide you through this process.

Please note that if your programme was sponsored by your employer or other third party, your certificate will be sent to the sponsor – we cannot release this directly to you without written permission from the sponsor.

How do I get my Certificate?

We will send all certificates to the person or organisation who sponsored and paid for the training.

We cannot, without written approval from the sponsor, give copies of certificates to any delegate whose training was sponsored by the employer.

Certificates will be posted – please let us know if you change your address.

Certificates can also be collected from our office. Send us an e mail to let us know if you are asking a third party to collect your certificate.

I have my certificate. What next?

For Assessors and Moderators:

Download the Registration Forms from the ETQA Website (or contact them for a form), complete and submit these to the ETQA where you wish to register.  You can register for any Unit Standards, provided that you meet the ETQA requirements for registration and that you have proven competence against the Unit Standards or in the field you want to Assess and Moderate. Remember that you need to Assess and Moderate within an Accredited Provider system.

You can register independently if you are contracting your services, but the Provider will need to get you on their records with the ETQA before they can employ you.

For SDF’s:

Some SETA’s have a registration process, while others register on submission of your first WSP. Contact the SETA for more details.

When does my Certificate expire?

Unless there is an expiry date on the certificate, it is valid for life.

Some certificates, such as First Aid and Forklift are subject to legislation and may need to be renewed periodically.

What is a Statement of Results

This is a document issued by the ETQA through which your programme was accredited.

The SOR confirms your competence and achievement for the Unit Standard and will be required as evidence of the achievement when registering as a Practitioner with any ETQA.