Courses – Some of our courses are now available online.

We offer a wide range of courses which can be customised to our Client and Learner requirements. We can deliver on your site for groups, (In-House Courses) or accept delegates on our sites (Public Courses) for individuals.

Bookings can be made by phone, e mail or on-line.


  1. Our Facilitators are Subject Matter Experts  and qualified as Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators.
  2. We use outcomes based methodologies throughout our interactive contact sessions.
  3. Formative assessments are designed to ensure the learner’s progress, and summative assessments are conducted for accredited qualifications.
  4. We appoint a Mentor for every group to guide each learner through their portfolio or any assignments to be completed.
  5. Wherever possible, a Workplace Application Project is included to ensure transfer of the learning.
  6. We provide a variety of web based learner resources for programmes where an assignment or portfolio is required.
  7. All delegates receive a comprehensive Learner Manual with ample provision for notes and classroom activities which become a valuable reference long after the training.

Free Tracking Service for Employers

We will track the expiry date for all Health and Safety, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Forklift and other certificates issued by PMADS, and notify you when it’s time to renew them.

Courses Offered

Category Code Course
01 – Trainer Development ADP Assessor
01 – Trainer Development AGD Assessment Guide Development
01 – Trainer Development CDP Coaching
01 – Trainer Development EGP Evidence Gatherer
01 – Trainer Development FSP Facilitator
01 – Trainer Development GSL Guide and Support Learners
01 – Trainer Development LMD Learning Materials Development
01 – Trainer Development MDP Moderator
01 – Trainer Development OBET Understanding OBET
01 – Trainer Development SDF Skills Development Facilitator
02 – Health and Safety CEH Chemical and Environmental Hazards
02 – Health and Safety COID COID Act
02 – Health and Safety CSP Chemical Spillage
02 – Health and Safety ECW Environmental Care
02 – Health and Safety ECW1 Environmental Care Workshop
02 – Health and Safety FA1 First Aid Level 1
02 – Health and Safety FA2 First Aid Level 2
02 – Health and Safety FA3 First Aid Level 3
02 – Health and Safety FFW Fire Fighting
02 – Health and Safety HIRA Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
02 – Health and Safety HIV HIV and AIDS Awareness Programme
02 – Health and Safety IAI Incident and Accident Investigation
02 – Health and Safety LLM Legal Liability Training (Mining)
02 – Health and Safety LLT Legal Liability Training
02 – Health and Safety MET Maintain and use electrical hand tools
02 – Health and Safety MSS Manual Stacking and Storage
02 – Health and Safety OHS Occupational Health and Safety
02 – Health and Safety PEH Potential Energy Hazards
02 – Health and Safety PTW Permit to Work
02 – Health and Safety RCA Root Cause Analysis Programme
02 – Health and Safety SHE Occupational Health and Safety Representative
02 – Health and Safety SOC Safety Officer Course
02 – Health and Safety SOCM Safety Officer Course (Mining)
02 – Health and Safety SSS Safe Stacking and Storage
02 – Health and Safety SWP Safe Work Procedures
02 – Health and Safety WAH Working at Heights
02 – Health and Safety WCS Working in Confined Spaces
03 – Management and Supervisory BCE Basic Conditions of Employment
03 – Management and Supervisory FNM Finance for non Financial Managers
03 – Management and Supervisory MDEW Managing Disciplinary Enquiries
03 – Management and Supervisory PMW Practical Management
03 – Management and Supervisory TOP Transport Operator
03 – Management and Supervisory TSM Training Skills for Managers
04 – Personal Effectiveness ACMP Assertiveness and Conflict Management
04 – Personal Effectiveness BBS Basic Business Skills
04 – Personal Effectiveness BPS Business Presentation Skills
04 – Personal Effectiveness BWS Business Writing Skills
04 – Personal Effectiveness EIW Emotional Intelligence
04 – Personal Effectiveness TMP Time Management
05 – Lifting Machines CCC Cab Controlled Crane
05 – Lifting Machines FOP Forklift
05 – Lifting Machines HCO Heavy Crane
05 – Lifting Machines MCO Mobile Crane
05 – Lifting Machines PCC Pendant Controlled Crane
05 – Lifting Machines PCS Pedestrian Controlled Stacker
05 – Lifting Machines TMC Truck Mounted Crane Operator
06 – Committees EEC Employment Equity Committee
06 – Committees TTC Training for Training Committees
07 – Professional Drivers DDS Defensive Driving Skills
07 – Professional Drivers DGR Convey Dangerous Goods by Road
07 – Professional Drivers DGRE Convey Dangerous Goods by Road
07 – Professional Drivers HAF Hijacking Awareness Facilitator
08 – Customer Service IWC Interacting with Customers
08 – Customer Service RCS Retail Customer Service