Confidentiality Policy

  1.  The nature of our work gives us access to your personal data as well as sensitive or private documents used in your assignments.
  2. We apply the strict policies and practices to ensure that your:
    1. personal data and documents,
    2. sample documents from your workplace which may be used in your portfolio
    3. records of progress and activities through our courses
    4. and assessment records are kept confidential and disposed of in a responsible manner.
  3. We will not share your e mail address or any other contact details with anyone.
  4. We will only discuss a learner’s progress or assessment with the learner and sponsor of the training.
  5. No discussion with any other third party will be entered into. Please don’t ask friends or family to contact us for your results or certificates.
  6. We may, on occasion, ask you to send us your request by e mail when calling to enquire about your record over the phone. Please bear with us, if it has been some time since your course, we may be asking for the e mail to verify your identity.
  7. Certificates will be sent to the sponsor of the training. In the case of training sponsored by employers, we will send certificates to the employer. Duplicates will not be issued directly to the learner without the employer’s consent.
  8. If you want us to confirm any achievements with potential employers, please let us know that you have authorised the potential employer to enquire about our qualifications.
  9. We often get calls from screening agencies seeking to verify our certificates. Our response will be limited to confirming the authenticity of the certificate. We do not discuss the learner’s performance through the training or assessment.